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Frequently Asked Temporary Fence Questions

We use state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to create stronger and safer temporary fence panels and barriers.

ZND is a dutch acronym and stands for South Netherlands Wire. Founded in 1965 in the Netherlands, ZND started out as a wire manufacturer before moving into temporary fencing. Today ZND is the world’s leading manufacturer of temporary fencing and barriers.

We have developed a reputation for excellence in manufacturing, creating stronger and safer products. As a result our products have been used to provide demarcation solutions at some of the world’s largest and most high profile events. We have a ZND TL;DR page here.

Yes. We welcome inquiries from fence rental and distributors.

There is quite a list, but in short ZND products are stonger and more robust, meaning lower maintenance and a better ROI. A range of design features as well as dedicated stabilizers and accessories mean ZND products are safer for your workers and customers, and specialist equipment such as the carry handle and stillage help improve the operational side of your rental business.


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Our SmartWeld technology produces welds that are 70% stronger than those resulting from traditional techniques. The frames are then subject to a stress test that would break many other panels, before finally being reinforced with corner plates to provide even more strength.

Stronger products, welded wire mesh, and specialist stabilizers all work together to make ZND products the safest solution.

We don’t stop at better panels and barriers, we have also developed a range of accessories designed to help improve the operations of rental companies and better meet the needs of end users.

Stillage storage protects inventory while maximizing storage space, the carry handle protects workers and helps reduce fatigue, while accessories such as the barbed wire extension and gates help improve site security for customers.

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ZND fence panels use welded wire mesh rather than the traditional chain link as it offers several advantages in safety, security, presentation, ROI and business operations.

Our US manufacturing facility is based in Statesville, North Carolina. We are also in the process of securing a new facility on the West Coast.

ZND is a global brand, with factories in the UK, Holland, and Poland.

ZND has worldwide distribution. If you’d like to discuss specifics regarding your region please contact our team.

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