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Pedestrian Barriers

With a robust frame and designed safety features, ZND barriers have been the products of choice at some of the world’s largest and most priestigious events.

Our barriers are available in a range of different options – all designed to provide an effective demarcation solution. From vertical infill tubes to welded mesh, inbuilt to detachable feet – we have plenty of options to ensure you’re getting the right temporary barrier for the job.

US based manufacturing ensures both a highly responsive customer service and quick lead time from order to delivery.

Why choose ZND:

Our products go through a rigorous design and testing process, our manufacturing techniques make Smartweld temporary barriers stronger than alternative products. Each and every one is tested so that we can guarantee their durability.

The Smartweld strengthening process features:

  • Incredible joint strength – up to 70% stronger than a traditional MIG weld!
  • Unparalleled testing procedures – we rigorously test every single frame.

Our Smartweld range of temporary barriers has been carefully designed to be as safe as possible. The last thing you want is a temporary barrier falling over – and with ZND you can be assured that you’re in safe hands. You can be confident it has been designed and manufactured with safety in mind.

Our help and support does not stop once the products have been sold – we also provide unrivalled after-sales service including assembly guides and windspeed calculations.

Connecting Hook Mechanism provides for a secure installation, and helps prevent unathorized removal.

Replaceable Plastic Feet protect surfaces against scratches, allowing the barriers to be safely used indoors.

Our unique Stillage units provide long term protection for barriers as well as allowing for more efficient storage, quicker load times, convenient transport.

US based manufacturing allows for better customer service, greater responsiveness, and quick delivery times.

ZND products are manufactured in the US at our North Carolina factory. Being based in the US allows us to be far more responsive to our customers, and drastically reduces the lead time from order to delivery.

Our help and support does not stop once the products have been sold – we also provide unrivalled after-sales service including assembly guides, windspeed calculations, and marketing materials.

ZND barriers and temporary fencing panels have been used at some of the world’s most prestigious events, including;

  • 2021 US Presidential Inauguration – 1,632 Barriers
  • World Youth Day – 27,000 Barriers
  • Commonwealth Games – 15,000 Fixed Leg Barriers, 15,000 Fencing Panels
  • Olympic Games – 55,000 Fixed Leg Barriers, 15,000 Police Barriers
  • Tour de France – 5,000 Fixed Leg Barriers
  • G8 Summit – 2,000 Fixed Leg Barriers, 15,000 Fencing Panels
  • Glastonbury Music Festival – 5,000 Fixed Leg Barriers, 20,000 Fencing Panels

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About ZND

ZND create the strongest, safest and smartest temporary demarcation products on the market by continuously investing in new and improved manufacturing techniques, better and more rigorous testing and a firm commitment to research design and development.

We’ve invested millions into creating the most up to date manufacturing process that makes Smartweld products the most technically advanced temporary barrier range available today. Continued investment in design, testing and manufacturing processes will keep the Smartweld range ahead of the competition.

znd is stronger safer smarter