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Benefit of Offering Temporary Fence Products

ZND Temporary Fencing

ZND Temporary Fencing

ZND Temporary fencing is used in a wide range of applications across the world, from construction site fencing to crowd control at major events, and we have developed an extensive range of panels, stabilizers and accessories in order to meet these diverse challenges in the most effective way.

Panel Frames

Most temporary fencing in the US is formed from a square frame. ZND customers have an option between two frame styles, each with their own benefits.

Square-Top temporary fencing panels are the ‘standard’ panels. Their frames are made from four metal tubes that have been welded together creating the square shaped top. As welded points are a natural weakness, corner plates are added to reinforce the frame.

Additionally, square-top panels can make use of panel extensions to increase their height or add other security measures.

View our complete Straight-Top range here

Round-Top temporary fencing panels also get their name from the shape of the frame. Round-Top panels use only two tubes to create the frame as opposed to four, with the tubes being bent to create the distinctive ’round-top’. This improves the robustness of the frame as welded joins are a natural weak point.


View our complete Round-Top range here

ST Panel with Horizontal & Vertical Supports

Vertical & Horizonal Supports

Both the ST and RT range of panels come with the option to have additional support for the frames in the form of a vertical and/or horizontal bar. These provide the frame with additional support and are ideal when the product is expected to face heavy handed use.

View vertical and horizonal bar panels.


Panel Mesh

Welded to the frame at every point, a welded wire mesh temporary fencing panel is more secure and durable than chainlink mesh that dominates the US market today. In addition to the functional benefits of welded wire mesh, it also has an aesthetic advantage over chainlink, giving ZND Temporary Fencing panels a taut, uniform and professional appearance highly valued at events.

ZND’s welded wire mesh comes in two types; Standard and Anti-Climb.

Standard mesh is suitable for many applications of temporary fencing, however the wide aperture of the mesh makes it easier for a person to gain a purchase and scale the panel. If security is of particular concern, it is advised to look at the Anti-Climb varient.

As the name suggests, Anti-Climb mesh is more resistent to being scaled, the narrower aperture of the mesh making it difficult for a person to grip or gain a foothold effectively.


Wind is the persistent enemy of temporary fencing installations. One incorrectly secured panel can cause a cascade effect that will bring down an entire installation, damaging equipment, property and potentially causing injury or worse. It is therefore vital that any installation is supported with the appropriate stabilizing equipment for the expected wind conditions.

ZND have developed a range of stabilizer systems that will help ensure a safe and effective installation, and our Wind Speed Calculator allows customers to measure wind loading performance of a given temporary fencing configuration.


Gates, customised covers, reflective strips, fencing extensions and other accessories are all available to help provide a more effective solution.

Powder Coating

Standard temporary fencing panels provide very effective demarcation, but bare steel is not the right look for every situation. Powder coating temporary fencing can create a far more appealing environment for customers and the general public, in addition to providing additional protection against the elements for the products themselves.

Storage & Transport

Storing and transporting temporary fencing panels can be quite a task, one option is to use a dedicated stillage. Stillage units protect inventory, speed up un/loading times, and are stackable so allow for more efficient use of storage space.


Choosing the Right Products

ZND | World Leaders in Temporary Fencing

ZND is the world's leading manufacturer of temporary fencing, hoarding and pedestrian barriers with production facilities in the UK, USA, the Netherlands and Poland. High quality products with a well-deserved reputation for safety, ZND temporary fencing is used by much of the UK market and has been employed for crowd control at some of the world's largest and most high profile events.

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