ZND Group started in 1965 in The Netherlands and has since expanded throughout Europe and North America. We’re committed to continually evolving the temporary fence market through state-of-the-art design, superior engineering, automation, and world-class service.

How we help your rental business
ZNDUS is strong, safer, and smarter. Here are a few ways our products make life easier for rental companies.

Stronger construction
All panels are built on a fully automated manufacturing line instead of by hand. Our SmartWeld technology creates welds that are 70% stronger than a typical MIG weld.

No sandbags
Sandbags are bulky, ugly, and tear easily. Our innovative base design uses cinder blocks instead.

No climbing
Our panels are anti-climb. The openings are only 1.2 inches, compared to double that for chain-link.

Easy transportation and storage
We got rid of jagged edges and loose wires that stick together. Our unique construction and custom-built storage stillages make ZNDUS panels a breeze to move and store.

Our designs have direct and immediate benefits for our customers. Our business model is unique through superior design, engineering, automation, and world-class service. Our products have been engineered to be compatible with current products available in the US so they can easily be integrated into a rental company’s current fleet without disruption.

We are the trusted temporary fence supplier around the world!