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Choosing ZND For Your Rental Business

Benefits to Your Business

If you currently offer temporary fencing or pedestrian barriers, or if you’re looking to add them to your rental portfolio, then choosing to stock ZND products will provide your business with key benefits.

High quality material, far stronger welds, corner plates, and a stress test for quality control makes our frames are the most durable on the market.

Welded wire mesh replaces traditional chain link and is far more resistant to damage, while being welded at every point of contact means a broken wire can be removed without compromising the integrity of the rest of the panel.

Damaged panels and hazardous repairs are leading causes of injury with temporary fencing. ZND products are far more robust than what is on the market, drastically reducing the chances of damage and therefore injuries to workers or customers.

A wide range of wind-load tested stabilizers have been developed to ensure that the panels are safely supported for the weather conditions they will be used in.

In addition to this we have a selection of specialist accessories designed to make handling temporary fencing panels safer for workers, as well as reducing fatigue.

ZNDUS Stillage unit for the storage of temporary fencing panelsWith nothing protruding, our panels can be stored on-top of each other without the risk of entanglement. We have made storage even more efficient with the development of the Stillage.

This stillage is a revolutionary product that can greatly reduce the loading times, as well as protecting workers and inventory, while making the most of storage pace.

ZND is a long established, trusted global brand with production sites in multiple countries.

Hundreds of thousands of our products have been used at major events around the world, such as the 2021 Presidential Inauguration, the Olympics, World Youth Day, the Commonwealth Games, G8 summits, and many more.

Our state-of-the-art production facility in North Carolina can produce 5,000 units per day for the US, and we are currently scouting for a second facility on the West Coast. By choosing ZND your business will be able to confidently take on even the largest jobs.

Competitive Edge

Ultimately, all of the benefits that ZND products have over our competition will deliver your business a competitive advange over yours. From providing safer equipment that does the job better than market alternatives, to creating innovative solutions that improve the efficiencies of a rental business.

Choosing ZND can help take your business to the next level.

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