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ZND in a Nutshell

ZND is bringing radical change to the US temporary fencing market, but with so much to offer it is easy to get lost. This page is just a quick overview of why your business should look into using ZND products, explained in under 2 minutes. Links in the sections for more detailed information.

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SmartWeld Manufacturing Technology – produces welds 70% stronger than traditional methods, creating far more robust products. Corner plates are then added to reinforce the frame.

Welded Wire Mesh – replaces traditional chain-link mesh. Welded to the frame at every point of contact, the wire mesh adds structure to the panel.

Quality Control – is carried out as part of the manufacturing process, where the frame is subject to over 1,000lbs of force. This guarantees a minimum level of quality that is over and above that found elsewhere.

Robust Products – damaged products are a leading cause of injuries in the market today. Our stronger products are far more resistant to damage, greatly reducing this.

Welded Wire Mesh – hundreds of welded points ensure that WWM presents no protruding wires, and means that any broken wires do not compromise the integrity of the panel. In addition to this, the smaller aperture makes it harder for would be intruders to scale.

Stabilizer Systems – a range of performance tested stabilizer systems have been developed to provide ZND panels with safe and effective support.

Stillage Storage – provides a revolutionary storage solution, allowing for safe and effective storage of inventory.

Z-Weight – are longer lasting, more economical, environmentally friendly alternative to sandbags that have been performance tested, do not corrode stands and present less of a tripping hazard.

Accessories – have been developed to address the range of challenges that temporary fencing is used to provide a solution for, from pedestrian and vehicle gates to branded covers and labels.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in North Carolina has a huge daily productive capacity, enabling us to deliver on huge orders anywhere in the continental United States at short notice.

ZND products have a global reputation for excellence, consistently providing effective crowd control solutions to some of the world’s largest events. Here are a few select examples of where our products have been used.

There is a lot more to ZND, and there is a lot more that our products can offer your business.

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