Being innovative is how we became the worldwide leader in manufacturing temporary fencing products. Here are a few ways our products make life easier for rental companies throughout the United States.

Save Money
We build all our panels on a fully automated fence manufacturing line instead of by hand. Our SmartWeld technology creates welds that are 70% stronger than a typical MIG weld.

Stronger construction means you have to repair and replace your temporary fences much less often, providing a greater ROI.

Save Time
We got rid of jagged edges and loose wires that stick together. Our unique fence construction and custom-built storage stillages make ZNDUS fence panels a breeze to move and store.

Reduce Hassle
Traditional temporary fencing panels come with extra headaches, such as chain-link mesh that is easy to scale and bulky sandbags that are prone to tearing.

ZNDUS fencing panels use the long-lasting and durable Z-Weights for stabilization, and are more climb resistant, with an aperture of only 2.03" on our standard panel, and 1.2" on our anti-climb mesh fence model, half that of chain-link.

Let’s Partner

Injuries, unstable temporary fence panels, and easily-damaged products are just some of the solutions we are solving for our clients.

We supply rental companies like yours with better temporary fencing that saves time, money and hassle. As your partner, we promise to be there not only during the sale but for the long-term. Learn more here.