ZNDUS has a global reputation as the market leader in the manufacturing and supply of high-quality temporary fencing, hoarding and pedestrian barriers in the UK, Germany, France, Holland, Poland and in the United States starting this year. We are at the forefront of innovation in manufacturing with continued investment in our product ranges and processes to make our products the market leaders that our customers expect.

Better Temporary Fence Solutions
Our temporary fencing and event barricade products are designed to be stronger, safer, and smarter. We focus on the issues rental companies face with temporary fencing and work to continuously find effective solutions through our products. Our SmartWeld process provides a more durable fencing panel, our anti-climb panels help prevent injuries, our storage stillages reduce damage during transporting and storing, and our revolutionary bases allow for a more durable stabilization without sandbags. To learn more about our temporary fence products-contact us.

U.S. Expansion
As we expand into the United States, we are focused on providing rental companies with temporary fencing and barricade products that better their client experience, lower internal costs and increase the overall lifespan of their products.

Gain a competitive advantage over top local and even national rental companies by offering a product line that is completely different than the rest. This will instantly set your company apart in an industry where product differentiation is challenging to provide.

Learn more about our products and the benefits they can provide your rental business.