The safety of temporary fencing is intrinsically linked to the quality of the products used. The weaker the weld on a panel frame, the easier it is to break, the more chances of injury to workers or the public. The cruder the solution, the less effective it is, the more chances it will fail. Stronger products are safer products, smarter solutions are safer solutions.

Stronger, Safer, Smarter.

This has been the driving force of our innovation, and has lead to us developing the revolutionary SmartWeld manufacturing technology, that produces 70% stronger welds, and developing our range of performance tested stabilizers. In addition to this we have brought to the market various accessories that improve the suitability of installations to specific tasks, provide more effective storage that better protects inventory, and introduced innovative worker safety equipment.

The success of our approach has seen ZND products used to provide crowd control at some of the most prestigious events in the global calendar. Ultimately, temporary fencing is there to do a job, and we have become the world's leading manufacturer because our products do that job better than any other.

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