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temporary fencing at construction site with pedestrian gate

Improve Security for Temporary Fencing

Improving Security on Construction Sites

Construction sites and development projects are a treasure trove of valuable items, with the tens of thousands of dollars of equipment stored on sites vulnerable to theft. Then there is the safety to consider, for though intruders may access sites without permission their safety is something that your business could be held responsible for.

We have developed a number of accessories to improve the security temporary fencing provides to your site.

Anti-Climb temporary fence panel merging with standard fence panelOur standard welded wire mesh is a huge improvement over traditional chain link mesh for many reasons, one being security. The 2″ aperature of welded wire mesh is smaller than the average found on chain link (2.25″-2.5″) making it harder for would-be intruders to gain a foothold.

In addition to this, our welded wire mesh is also welded to the frame at every point of contact meaning anyone trying to cut through the panel would need to snip each individual wire to get through as a broken connection does not compromise the integrity of the rest of the panel.

For sites where security is of particular concern we also have ‘anti-climb‘ mesh which reduces the aperture still further to 1.2″ making it basically impossible to gain a foothold.

The standard panel extension increases the height of the panel installation to make scaling more of a challenge, while the barbed wire extension provides a deterrent that is ideal for sites where higher security is required.

Anti-lift bracket for temporary fence panelsThe Anti-Lift Bracket secures a temporary fence panel to the supporting Tube Stand via attaching to the coupler. When positioned so that the bracket is on the site side of the fence installation this makes it impossible for a panel to be lifted from the tube stand.

Lockable coupler used on temporary fence panels Coupler spanner that removes lockable couplersLockable Couplers are designed so the locking nut can only be removed using a specially designed spanner, drastically improving security.

Pedestrian gate for temporary fencingsliding gate for temporary fence panelsWe have developed a range of different gates that provide secure and lockable access points for both foot and vehicle traffic.

Is security a concern for your construction site?

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