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Lightweight Panels

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Unleashing the hidden power of ZND Panel Mesh

Our new Lightweight panel is the lightest high-quality temporary fence panel in the US, and redefines what to expect from fencing suppliers. The uniquely engineered ZND Panel Mesh is welded to the frame at every point of contact. Over one hundred welds provide a robust panel and ensures great rigidity, allowing us to develop a high-quality panel that is much lighter than is possible through industry standard manufacturing.​​​​​This unmatched lightness not only ensures ease of setup and storage, but also reduces operational costs from transportation and even a reduced carbon footprint, allowing your business to be more competitive in a tight market.

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Benefits of the Lightweight Offering;

The lightweight nature of our fence panel allows for single-person handling. This reduces the need for additional labor and ensures a quicker setup and dismantling process.

The small aperture of our Anticlimb mesh makes it difficult for would-be intruders to get a foothold on, greatly improving the security of a site protected by ZND Panels.

The lighter weight offering is a lower investment providing long-term savings by reducing the fuel consumption for transportation.

The lower carbon intensity of the Lightweight range is just the start, the same long-term fuel efficiency in transportation will also reduce the emissions on a per-job basis.

ZND Panel Options

We manufacture high-quality temporary fence panels for all business solutions.

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