Standard Storage & Transport for Temporary Fencing

Transporting and storing temporary fencing panels oftentimes results in damaged products.

Temporary fence panels are commonly laid flat and stacked on top of each other to conserve space. To separate the panels, a forklift is usually used to save time from manually separating which creates a high risk of damaging the products in the process.

In general, the entire stacking storing, loading and unloading panels can result in damaging the temporary fence panels as well as create safety hazards.

ZNDUS Solution for Temporary Fencing Storage & Transport

ZNDUS is continuously innovating and improving the temporary fence process including the storage and transport aspect for rental companies.

Temporary fence panels are a highly rented product that includes transportation to events, job sites or outdoor areas on a weekly basis. This involves a high volume of travel as well as storage time between rentals.

ZNDUS understands that this aspect presents the highest risk of damage and designed storage stillages to solve these issues. Our stillages completely eliminate damages from loading or unloading temporary fence panels. In addition, a forklift can lift the stillages rather than the individual fence products on and off the delivery truck to remove any risk of damage during the transportation process.

These stillages also store very nicely, are stackable, and allow for very quick and easy inventory counting.

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