Temporary Fence Safety at Schools

Fences play an important role in keeping students safe at school. They help define the limits of the school and control who can access the school grounds and who can’t. Just as important, fences help keep students in guided areas, and prevent them from accessing areas where they could potentially hurt themselves. 

In addition to the permanent fences and barriers they put up, educational institutions often need temporary fences to complement their security measures during construction, school events and for other various reasons. If you are a rental company, providing temporary fence solutions for schools that are safe, effective, and aesthetically pleasing is an important part of making sure they are satisfied customers.

Here are some important uses for temporary fence rentals by schools, and key things to consider in any school temporary fence product.

Uses of temporary fence solutions for schools

Most schools already have some form of permanent fencing, but that doesn’t prevent the need of temporary fencing throughout the year. The most common use for temporary fences by schools is any time the school grounds are going to be used in a different way than they normally are—or when more people than normal will be present.

Hosting community events, organizing sporting events, graduations, and parking control are all examples of situations where schools need temporary barriers to make sure students stay safe and space gets used efficiently. As a temporary fence rental company, you’ll want to ensure you have the right products for their needs.

What to look for in temporary fence solutions for schools

Not all temporary fences are created equal. Schools have a unique set of requirements, and some fence features are even more important than usual. Here are three key things to consider when selecting a temporary fence solution for schools.

1. It should be safe for students

Fences should always be safe, but the presence of children and young adults at schools means the safety of any fence product you use is even more important than usual. If not properly selected, fences can create hazards for students rather than prevent them.

Sharp edges result in cuts and scratches as well as unstable fences falling are two of the most common fence injuries for schools. Approximately 95% of temporary fence panels today are constructed using chain-link, which often has several of these undesirable features. Learn how ZNDUS provides welded wire mesh to prevent these injuries, especially in school settings.

Temporary Fence Injuries by Type

2. It should be hard to climb and move

Children love to test barriers, and temporary fences are no exception. The fences you rent to schools are much more likely to have people trying to climb them than a construction site, for example. How easy are your fences to move and climb? 

Chain-link fences have an aperture of 2.25-2.50 inches, making them relatively easy to climb for children and young adults. Additionally, most current temporary fences in the US are stabilized using sandbags. While cheap and quick, sandbags deteriorate quickly and are relatively easy to move. 

3. It should not be ugly

In a 2013 report on school fencing, market research firm Hanover Research found that: 

“Apart from compromising safety, improperly selected fences may exert a negative influence on the atmosphere of a school and community. In some extreme cases, the creation of a secure school may produce a prison-like appearance….To minimize these concerns, schools should consider aesthetics as well as safety when selecting fencing.”

Schools want their kids to feel like they are protected, not like they are prisoners. Poorly selected fences can create an unnecessarily negative atmosphere. Temporary fence safety at schools can be aesthetically pleasing too.

Maximizing temporary fence safety for schools

ZNDUS is a global manufacturer of barrier systems that supplies rental companies with state-of-the-art temporary fence products and is currently expanding into the US. Our products are specifically engineered to address many of the issues with most current temporary fence products, especially for construction sites. 

Most manufacturing for temporary fence panels in the US is completed manually—tubes are cut and welded and chain-link is attached to the frame of the panel all by hand. 

At ZNDUS, we build our panels on a fully-automated manufacturing line. Our welded wire mesh is attached to the frame at every point instead of just at certain points. This unique process ensures several key features:

Unparalleled strength and stability

The fact that the wire mesh is attached to the frame everywhere increases the strength and support of the overall panel. Additionally, our SmartWeld process uses electricity to melt steel together, resulting in joints that are 70% stronger than a typical MIG weld. 

Finally, our panels are designed to be stabilized using cinder blocks instead of sandbags. These last much longer, are easier to move and store, and result in a stronger fence, making them an ideal choice for schools.


No fence is climb-proof, but our panels have an aperture of 1.2 inches compared to double that for chain-link panels, making them much harder for kids and intruders alike to climb. 

This provides additional security and safety for use on school grounds. Our anti-climb panels will provide you with the assurance that the educational institutions you serve are receiving the best possible fence product for their children and communities.

Aesthetically pleasing

In addition to making our fences stronger and more stable, our unique construction process means our fences have a clean, pleasing look. There are no jagged edges, twisted wires, or sharp corners. Every fence panel has a clean, symmetrical, and well-engineered feel. 

Temporary fence safety at schools doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics. Your customers and their communities will appreciate the fact that your fences are safe and secure without being ugly or threatening.

Purchasing temporary fences from ZNDUS

If you are looking for high-quality, state-of-the-art temporary fence and barrier solutions for your rental business, we’d love to talk. Give us a call at 704.981.8660 or send us an email sales@znd.com for more information.