8x12ft Solid Metal Fence Panels

The standard 8×12 solid metal fence panels with horizontal and vertical support tube offers a more sturdy design for those temporary fence needs which require more safety and support. This temporary fence panel offers the same durable structure as all our SmartWeld fence panels with the added support of a steel beam running through the center both vertically and horizontally. Great for crowd control barriers as well.

ZND US specializes in the manufacturing and development of Smartweld™ temporary fencing. We create a range of fence panels that are designed and manufactured to the highest temporary fence standards around the world.

With the same modern technology as Specialized Allez Smartweld road racing bicycles, ZND US  crafts mesh fence panels for temporary fence rental company needs that are durable and strong. Superior to aluminum or steel fence panels, our solid metal fence panels are rugged and designed with strength in mind.

 Solid Metal fence Panels & Products

The best way to transport is by using our stillages.

ZND US Stillages

We understand that transporting temporary fence panels presents the highest risk of damage and designed storage stillages to solve these issues. That’s why we pioneered the temporary fence storage stillage.

Our stillages completely eliminate the hazards and hassle with moving and storing temporary fence panels.

Our standard stillages each fit 35 fence panels. They feature removable bars for easy loading and unloading and can be stacked on top of each other to maximize storage efficiency.

They also just look good. Learn more about how our stillages can help your business here

ZND US Stabilizers

Wind is the persistent enemy of temporary fencing installations. A single incorrectly installed fencing panel can easily fall victim to strong winds, and cause a cascading effect that collapses an entire installation, potentially causing damage to the panels, surrounding property and event injuries to workers and the public.

We have developed a range of stabilizers that have been designed to provide our temporary fencing panels with effective support to ensure that a ZND installation is suitable for the expected wind conditions, keeping everything in the surrounding area safe.

ZND US Z-Weight

The Z-Weight is our solution to the age old reliance on sandbags. Like our stabilizer systems, Z-Weights have been performance tested to ensure they provide effective stability, improving the safety of an installation. Additionally, Z-Weights are both more economical and environmentally friendly than sandbags, and they do not cause corrosion of the stands. Learn more here.