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HSG151 compliant 'anti-climb' temporary fence panels

HSG 151

HSG 151 – ‘Protecting the Public – Your Next Move’

The HSG 151 is a construction health and safety legislation guidance note that was first published by HSE in 1997 and superseded Guidance Note No. ‘GS7’ – that has become a generic name for the Anti-Climb Temporary Fence Panel. The note has been written to provide advice and guidance in an effort to prevent construction accidents and ill health to the public who may visit or be within the vicinity of a construction site. The advice given is not compulsory. 

HSG 151 is a 38-page document and section 2 is titled ‘The Site Perimeter and Other Boundaries’. This section describes how most risk assessments conclude that the site perimeter should be defined by a physical barrier to separate the public from construction work, and within this section page, 11 makes the following suggestions that can be related to all makes of temporary anti-climb security fencing panels. 

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Anti-Climb panel extension fitted to an Anti-Climb temporary fence panel to provide additional height and security.

ZND temporary fencing panels are 2m in height. Anti-Climb extensions are available if additional height is required.

Standard ZND Anti-Climb Panel with corner plates.ZND Anti-Climb temporary fence panels have a mesh which we suggest prevents children getting a foot or handhold on the panel.

Lockable coupler for a secure temporary fence panel installationZND can offer a Standard Fence Coupler that meets with this criteria; however, for added safety and security, we can also provide a Lockable Coupler.

ZND offer an Anti-Climb Skirted Panel that has a mesh skirt that extends below the bottom horizontal tube of the frame, reducing the risk of anyone gaining access under the fence when used on uneven surfaces.

Thermo-Plastic Foot supporting a temporary fence panelZND offer the following purpose made products;

    1. Thermo-Plastic Based – Coated with a highly visible flexible coloured paint
    2. Concrete Filled Plastic Base – Moulded from a brightly coloured HD Polyethylene

Alternatively a contractor may wish to hand paint the protruding ends of standard issue blocks once the fence has been erected.

ZND provides a full range of temporary fencing solutions that meet with, and often exceed, the suggestions contained within the Health & Safety Guidence Note HSG 151. Links to the full document are found at the bottom of the page.

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