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Branded QR Label

Changed user behaviour with QR codes presents lead generation opportunities.

Normalisation of QR codes  

This has been one of the biggest changes of 2020. Before the COVID-19 outbreak the QR code was niche, most people had never used one, and many people had no idea how to. The last 12 months have changed that.  

People are now using QR codes as part of their daily life, and importantly, they’re using them for convenience. This normalised behaviour creates a marketing opportunity as we now have a reliable method in common use that can carry potential customers from discovering a product in the real world, to landing directly on the right page to take action in the digital world. 

The Branded QR Label

The Branded QR Label provides a convenient and actionable method for potential customers to get more information about the product that is right there in front of them.

The label would be custom designed with your company branding and logo. A clear call to action on the label acts to draw the attention of potential customers. Scanning the QR code would take them directly to your designated landing page. This means that a potential customer can go from discovering your product by chance to a lead in moments.


Each barrier equipped with a Branded QR Label has the potential to generate new business, this can lead to a viral effect. The more barriers, the more coverage, the greater the chances to generate more business.

Each scan is logged, and a UTM in the destination url allows for traffic to be tracked using analytics.

In addition to being able to generate leads, the label acts as a brand awareness tool.

Without a Branded QR Label a potential customer may just pass by without taking much notice. If they do notice then they may just use Google. There are many providers of barriers, how many of those searches will you win? Having a means of conversion at the point of contact could avoid this.

Scanning the QR label will land potential customers exactly where they need to be to take action, avoiding the need to use Google and thereby avoiding competition. 

Measurable performance

Scans of the QR code are tracked. The time, date, device, number of unique users and, in most cases, location of the scan are all recorded. This information can be reported back, allowing an assessment of the performance of the campaign.


Finally, the traffic sent to a website via a scan can have a UTM, which allows tracking using Google Analytics. Example below;


Analytics on scans can only be provided for QR codes supplied by ZND.



Order ZND Pedestrian Barriers can be supplied fiited with custom Branded QR Labels, or they are available for order to fit on existing stock.

Design – Our design team is available to create the label, or you can supply the design yourself.

QR Code – Either supplied by ZND or yourselves. There is no additional cost to ZND supplying the QR code. Analytics can only be supplied on QR codes supplied by ZND.

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