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Construction Site Temporary Fencing

Square-Top (ST) Temporary Fence Panels on a construction site

Construction Site Temporary Fencing

ZND is a world leading manufacturer of temporary fence panels and associated products. Robust, safe and meeting with industry guidelines set out in the HSG151, our modular mesh temporary fencing has proven to be extremely popular with customers in the construction industry for perimeter protection and site demarcation.

Stocked by the UK’s leading distributors, ZND panels are available nationwide.

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Frame Styles

ZND temporary fence panels are available in two frame styles; Square-Top and Round-Top.

Square-Top temporary fencing panels are the ‘standard’ panels. Their frames are made from four metal tubes that have been welded together creating the square shaped top. As welded points are a natural weakness, corner plates are often added to reinforce the frame.

Round-Top temporary fencing panels also get their name from the shape of the frame. Round-Top panels use only two tubes to create the frame as opposed to four, with the tubes being bent to create the distinctive ’round-top’. This improves the robustness of the frame as welded joins are a natural weak point.


As with most fence panels in the UK, ZND panels use welded wire mesh. Welded to the frame at every point, a welded wire mesh temporary fencing panel is more secure and durable than the old fashioned chain-link options that are common in other markets. Welded wire mesh comes in two types; Standard and Anti-Climb.

Standard mesh is suitable for many applications of temporary fencing, while secure the aperture of the mesh can allow for an individual to gain a purchase and possibly scale the panel.

Where site security is of particular concern then we have the Anti-Climb varient. As the name suggests, Anti-Climb mesh is more resistent to being scaled, the narrower aperture of the mesh making it difficult for a person to grip or gain a foothold effectively.


Wind is the persistent enemy of temporary fencing installations. One incorrectly secured panel can cause a cascade effect that will bring down an entire installation, damaging equipment, property and potentially causing injury or worse. It is therefore vital that any installation is supported with the appropriate stabilising equipment for the expected wind conditions.

We have developed a range of stabilisers designed to support our temporary fence panels against wind. Moreover, each fence panel, stabiliser and accessory configuration has been wind load tested to calculate their performance against wind, allowing you to employ the most suitable stabilisers for the expected conditions.


We have a number of accessories designed to improve both safety and security for temporary fence panel installations on costruction sites, including gates, reflective strips, panel extensions and more.

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