What is SmartWeld?

SmartWeld technology was developed by ZND to manufacturer stronger and safer demarcation equipment.

SmartWeld uses resistance welding. This is where we join two pieces of steel together, then run a large amount of electricity through them to melt them together. This creates an extremely strong joint, and unlike traditional welding, there is no added steel.

So why is this important and why should you care?

SmartWeld Barriers in storage


Better design, better materials, and improved manufacturing techniques make SmartWeld panels and barriers stronger than alternative products. What is more, each and every one is tested so that we can guarantee their durability. This is why hire companies recommend SmartWeld – they know the panels and barriers will stand up to the rigor that alternatives cannot match.

Superficially alternative products may look similar but only SmartWeld features:

  • Each joint is welded around the full circumference, giving incredible joint strength up to 70% stronger than a traditional MIG weld!
  • Unparalleled testing procedures – we rigorously test every single frame with up to 1,100lbs of force.
  • Stronger frame – full contact welds and corner brackets ensure a robust frame
  • Tensioned mesh gives the frames a taut and uniform appearance.
  • Every wire is welded to the frame to add strength and durability.


A fence panel or barrier that fails can lead to serious problems from a health and safety point of view and as far as security is concerned. The SmartWeld range has been carefully designed to avoid these problems and the fact that they are stronger than alternatives means they are much less likely to fail in the first place, even when they have been in service over a longer period than alternatives.


At a glance, a superficially similar but cheaper product may sometimes seem a reasonable alternative, but as the adage says, you get what you pay for. When you look beyond appearance you’ll see the gulf in quality, and this becomes more apparent as the products are put to use, making ZND products the smarter choice.

  • SmartWeld reduces health and safety issues and protects against insurance claims.
  • The SmartWeld range is more durable and lasts longer than alternatives.
  • A reduction in rusting and panels that stay intact simply means they look better – longer.
  • Pound for pound SmartWeld panels provides better value.

Unique Manufacturing ProcessWelded wire mesh production for use on temporary fence panels.

Millions of pounds have been invested in creating the most up to date manufacturing process that makes SmartWeld products the most technically advanced temporary fencing and pedestrian panel range available today. Continued investment in design, testing, and manufacturing processes will keep the SmartWeld range ahead of the competition.


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