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ZND SmartWeld Barriers deployed in Skipton for the Tour de France

SmartWeld Pedestrian Barriers

SmartWeld Barriers

Manufactured using SmartWeld technology the robust steel frames, designed safety features and our rigorous testing ensures that ZND barriers provide a safe and reliable demarcation solution.

The safety and durability of SmartWeld Barriers have made them the product of choice for many of the UK’s leading event management companies, with our products being relied upon for crowd control at events ranging in size from the local level to Glastonbury, Bloodstock and the Olympics.

ZND barriers are manufactured using SmartWeld technology.

Developed by ZND to manufacture stronger and safer demarcation equipment, SmartWeld technology uses resistance welding to fuse the steel together creating an extremely strong joint.

SmartWeld manufacturing being used on a panel frame.

The design of the hook & eye on the connecting mechanism ensures that, when correctly installed, barriers can only be removed from the end. This prevents unathorised removal, creating a more secure and safer crowd management system.

Note the demonstration below uses an installation of only two barriers. ZND barriers on the right.

Wind is the persistent enemy of barriers. If not correctly secured then an entire barrier installation can fall victim to high winds potentially causing damage to equipment, property and perhaps even injury or worse. It is therefore vital that any installation is supported with the appropriate stabilising equipment for the expected wind conditions.

We have developed a range of stabilising solutions for barriers including the ballast block and the new zero-trip hazard ballast bag designed for areas with pedestrian footfall.

Ballast Bags

Black Ballas Bags being used to stabilise pedestrian barriers

Storing and transporting temporary barriers can be quite a task, one option is to use a dedicated stillage. Stillage units protect inventory, speed up un/loading times, and are stackable so allow for more efficient use of storage space.

Stillage stored barriers and storage bins for Ballast Bags

Ballast Bags and pedestrian barriers being transported in their dedicated storage units.

Powder coating is available for both our temporary fence panels and barriers, and it can create a far more appealing environment for customers and the general public, in addition to providing additional protection against the elements for the products themselves.

In addition to this, our in-house printing service allows us to provide custom-printed covers, signage and other graphics specifically for barriers.

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