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Social distance queuing system using SmartWeld barriers, walkthroughs and covers.

Make Sure Your Site is COVID Secure

Ensure your site remains safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond with ZNDUK.

Tested to the highest standard, our Sanitisation Station, Social Distancing Covers and Social Distancing Queuing System are the perfect companions for any construction site, retail or event setting to keep your staff and the public safe.

Construction Sites

For construction sites, the guidelines state that one of the key things to focus on at this time is reducing crowding. You should consider how many people can be in each space while remaining socially distanced and how to prevent crowding in busy areas, and consider separating the site into smaller zones to keep groups separate.

In addition, where site visits are required, site guidance on social distancing and hygiene should be explained to visitors on or before arrival and visitors should be encouraged to use hand sanitiser as they enter the site.


In retail stores, it is essential to limit the number of customers overall and in any particular congestion areas – such as doorways between outside and inside spaces. It is also advised to use outside premises for queuing where available and safe, for example some car parks.

Hand sanitiser should also be provided in multiple locations, encouraging continued use by customers.


Although currently, events are not taking place, when these are allowed to commence again there is no doubt that numbers will be strictly monitored and queuing systems will play a huge role to reduce crowding and in turn, keeping event-goers safe.

Clear signage will also be required to encourage event-goer to maintain social distancing.

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Robust sanitising station designed for use on any worksite or for serving the general public.ZND Sanitisation Station

Durable and stable, the ZND Sanitising Station has been designed by our engineers to be the perfect companion for any construction site, retail or event setting to keep your staff and public safe. It has been tested to the highest standard.

It meets the urgent market demand for a quality product that is able to endure the intense usage expected on any worksite, or when serving the general public.

The station is fitted to our walkthrough frame with a reinforced metal sheet and is made from Pre-Galvanised Carbon Steel.

Key features

  • Signage Included – We include standard signage with all our stations but custom signage is available on request. For more information please call us on 01709 521100 or email
  • A metal soap dispenser – The metal soap dispenser is far more durable than plastic alternatives and is detachable to allow for convenient storage and transportation of the walkthrough
  • A lock pin – This fixes the open gate in place ensuring the unit remains stable even with heavy use.

We are also able to provide both technical drawings and through our unrivalled after sales service and handy step by step Assembly Guide.

Ensure your site remains safe during the Covid-19 Pandemic with ZNDUK’s Fence Panel and Pedestrian Barrier covers and message boards.

We can supply the standard message seen on our illustrations or a bespoke message to suit your individual site complete with corporate logos and site safety information.

Standard designs available for delivery from stock, or bespoke designs made to order and delivered within a couple of days of artwork approval.

Social Distancing Covers can be used with our:

ZND social distancing covers for temporary fencing

Social Distancing Queuing System enables you to keep your customers at a safe 2-metre distance in a clear and precise manner.

The system means that you no longer have customers queuing through a car park or in a long line – instead, they can queue in a space-effective manner and at a 2-metre distance.

Each pedestrian barrier clearly states on the inside where the customer should stand, to take the ambiguity out of queuing. Before the user enters the clearly marked entrance and exit gates, the system also instructs them on the outside that they are entering a socially responsible queue – to give them both reassurance and instruction.

ZND Social Distancing Queuing System

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