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Automated Manufacturing Lines

Automated Manufacturing Lines

ZND employs an automated manufacturing line for production of our temporary fence panels and barriers. Automated manufacturing has many advantages over traditional methods that benefit ZND customers.

Production Capacity

The huge production capacity of our facilities due to the adoption of automation means that ZND customers have a reliable supply of temporary fence panels and barriers available at short notice. This enables ZND customers to bid for the very largest jobs with confidence that the inventory requirement can be filled.

Pandemic & Lockdown Proof

During the global health crisis and government restrictions of the last two years, automation allowed ZND factories around the world continued to manufacture products. Social distancing and other health measures were easily applied to the operating environment of our facilities and had no impact on our ability to manufacture at scale.

Exceptional & Consistent Quality

ZND products use a full contact weld, have the wire mesh welded to the frame at every point of contact and have corner plates added. Automation allows all these elements to be done swiftly ensuring a better quality product at a competative price.

The removal of human error from the final product also removes inconsistencies in manuacture, while quality control measures carried out during production destroys any product that fails to meet the required standard.

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