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Wind Load Testing

Protect Your Temporary Fencing Installation Against Winds

Wind is the eternal enemy of temporary fencing. Protect your fencing installation.

When not equipped with the appropriate stabilising equipment, a temporary fencing panel can easily fall victim to high winds, and cause a cascading effect that will tear down an entire installation. In addition to the danger this poses to workers and the public, it can also damage equipment and property, leaves the site itself unsecured, and then requires labor to restore the installation.

All in all, a bad day at the office.

Wind performance is one of the challenges ZND meets head on, through the application of rigerous product testing and the engineering of expert solutions.

ZND Wind Load Testing

ZND products are wind load tested, allowing for a thorough understanding of their capabilities.

Each panel type that we manufacture has been fully assessed to determine its performance, along with the impact of any accessories it could be fitted with. The effects of our range of specialist stabilisers with these variables has also been calculated.

This in-depth, expertly curated information cannot be found elsewhere. It allows ZND customers to know exactly what configuration is required for the job at hand, allowing the provision of an expert solution that protects people and property.

The ZND Performance Calculator

Unique to the market, the performance calculator will be available to all ZND customers.

The performance calculator allows for the reporting of any given configuration of ZND equipment against a target wind speed. Protect your temporary fencing installation. Accessible through our portal, the performance calculator will provide customers with invaluable information on the performance capabilities of a configuration in just a few easy steps;

Any available panel can be selected as the basis of the installation.

From reflective strips to privacy screening, a range of accessories are available for our panels, and each can impact performance.

Select one of our ever expanding range of stabilizers, then your report will be generated.

The generated report can be downloaded as a PDF and is suitable for print on A4.

Example ZND Performance Calculator ReportImportant Note – the report in this link is for example purposes only and not for use. Please access the Performance Calculator for up to date reports.

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