ZND are excited to share that we have just ordered a brand new fully automated fencing machine for our factory in the Netherlands. It is modelled on our machine at home here in the UK, and gives the factory the ability to produce 4,500 units of fencing a day with multiple combinations of fencing types.ZND factory

The new machine will be installed and ready to start production by February 2018, and due to the existing knowledge from our current machine set ups, will be up and running straight away.
Temporary fencing has proved to be extremely popular with our customers in the construction and event management industries for site demarcation, to direct the public away from construction hazards or towards secure areas.

This is a significant investment for our factory in Holland, and means we can not only increase our output and capacity, but reflects the continued investment in our worldwide manufacturing operations – making sure that you get the best products in the shortest time possible.
We are continually reviewing and improving our manufacturing processes across our product ranges to make sure that we have the quality and capacity to meet youFencing machiner needs.

ZND is a global business specialising in temporary fencing, hoarding, pedestrian barriers and wire production. ZND Group was established in 1965 in Holland and now has operations in Holland, UK, Germany, France and Poland supplying products to clients and distributors across the globe from our warehouses around the world.