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SmartWeld Barriers being used to provide crowd control at a Tom Jones Concert

Crowd Control at Festivals and Concerts

Temporary Demarcation at Festivals and Concerts

The safety and durability of ZND panels and barriers make them a natural choice for demanding occasions such as festivals or concerts, with our products being relied upon for crowd control at events ranging in size from the local level to Glastonbury and Bloodstock.


  • Temporary Fence Panels
  • Barriers
  • Stabilising Installations
  • Powder Coating, Branding & Advertising


Temporary fence panels being used for demarcation at the Motor SpeedwayTemporary Fence Panels

Modular mesh temporary fencing has proven to be extremely popular with our customers in the events industry to facilitate site demarcation, crowd management and to direct the public away from hazards and into secure areas.

Our temporary fence panels are available in 30 different specifications and manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in Rotherham where we are able to produce 8,000 per day.



If you have been to any event in the UK you will have come across our barriers. With the distinctive shape and a unique connecting mechanism that prevents unauthorised removal, they have proven to be the product of choice at many events across the country.

In addition to our signature SmartWeld Barrier we also have a range of specialist event barrier products that include cycle barriers and police barrier systems.

Demonstration of the Connecting Hook Mechanism

Note the demonstration below uses an installation of only two barriers. ZND barriers on the right.



Black Ballas Bags being used to stabilise pedestrian barriersStabilising Installations

Wind is the persistent enemy of temporary fence and barrier installations. One incorrectly secured panel can cause a cascade effect that will bring down an entire installation, damaging equipment, property and potentially causing injury or worse. It is therefore vital that any installation is supported with the appropriate stabilising equipment for the expected wind conditions.

We have developed a range of specialist stabilisers for our temporary fence panels while ballast blocks and the zero-trip hazard ballast bag is available for barriers.


Blue powder coated barriersPowder Coating, Printing & Branding

Temporary fencing panels and barriers provide very effective demarcation, but bare steel is not the right look for every situation. Powder coating is available for both our temporary fence panels and barriers, and it can create a far more appealing environment for customers and the general public, in addition to providing additional protection against the elements for the products themselves.

In addition to this our in-house printing service allows us to provide custom printed covers for panels and barriers.

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