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Despite the fact that ZND took care of the reliability of this website and its content, ZND does not bear any responsibility for any damage, costs or financial losses incurred as a result of relying on the information or opinions contained on this website.


This website is subject to Polish law, and all disputes regarding the Site will be settled only by the court competent for the registered office of ZNDCE Sp. z o.o.

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Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Unless otherwise stated, information provided to ZND by this site is not encrypted and may be intercepted by third parties or delivered electronically to parties other than the recipient. Any such information is sent at your own risk, so you should consider it before sending it.

ZND meets the requirements of the Data Protection Act. Any personal data provided by users of this site will not be disclosed by ZND to third parties without the consent of an individual user. ZND may provide aggregated statistics to trusted third parties that are not user identification data.

This policy covers the use of personal information by ZND Polska, collected during the use of the website.

From time to time, the user will be asked to provide personal information about himself (e.g. Surname and email address) in order to receive or use services from the ZND website.

Thanks to the user entering data in forms, both ZND and its service providers can provide services selected by the user. Each time, personal information provided by you will be treated in accordance with this policy. By using personal data, ZND will operate in accordance with the applicable legislation.

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