Customer notification

Customer notification – ZND Draad is ending
Something is about to change at ZND in Valkenswaard, about which we would like to inform you.

Plans for the future of ZND

Ever since ZND was founded in 1965, our company has been on the move. We are able to deliver what our customers need. Our approach and innovative spirit have allowed us to grow into the organisation we are today: a global player, respected for our quality and capacity to deliver.
To remain successful, we constantly scrutinise our organisation. Where are the opportunities in the market? What can we improve? How can we grow? And how do we remain an attractive employer for our employees? This is an ongoing process, sometimes requiring small and sometimes requiring major choices. For 2023 and the future of ZND, we have therefore made a choice that will affect you as a customer.

Full focus on temporary fencing, barriers and accessories

In all the countries where we operate, we see the results of our focus on temporary fencing. We are a global leader. Our fences, barriers and accessories can be found all over the world. At the biggest international events, and also at most construction sites. This is the market in which we see the greatest growth opportunities for the future, including in terms of sustainability. This also applies to our branch in the Netherlands.
In order to achieve this growth and expand our unique position, we will also focus solely on temporary fencing, barriers and accessories in Valkenswaard. As a result, operations at Draad (Wire) will cease as of April 2023

We are still available for you
We have been in contact with all our relations about the change. Would you still have any questions please feel free to contact Raoul van Rie ( or 06 53 25 30 48)

Thank you!
We want to thank our customers and suppliers for the pleasant cooperation.