Our progress continues to move forward on our expansion into the United States. We are extremely fortunate that during COVID-19 we have been able to safely continue our facility renovations as well as our new US machinery development with very little setbacks.

As a global company, we currently have crucial expansion pieces happening all over the world. It is genuinely a huge team effort, especially during this time, to keep our expansion timeline moving. It is always an exciting time when expanding to a new area, and our entire team can’t wait to serve rental companies here in the United States.

US Facility Update

Just over a month ago, we officially closed on our US factory in Statesville, North Carolina. Since closing, contractors have been on-site working on the extensive renovation for ZNDUS to call this building our US home.

This week, we branded the new facility with our ZNDUS signage. For any new business, this is an exciting step in the process.

We are continuing to make the necessary updates on the building to have it ready for the new temporary fence machinery once delivered from our headquarters.

US Machine Development 

As we expand, we have had to develop new custom machinery to fit US specs and regulations. The team in the UK have completed the US machinery development and is now testing all new products in these machines. Once these machines pass our rigorous quality control process and each of the products is tested thoroughly, they will be shipped here for production to begin.

US Product Launch Timing

At this time, we are looking at a couple more months before being able to produce products here in the US for rental companies to purchase. As we get closer, we will provide an exact date that customers can expect to begin ordering products.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us.