If you rent out temporary fencing, you know that your panels travel—a lot. Any time they aren’t sitting at a job site or event, they are either getting loaded, unloaded, moved, or stored.

Temporary fence transportation usually involves stacking panels on top of each other, then moving them with forklifts—often damaging some of them in the process. Moving them by hand is another option, but can be more dangerous and takes quite a bit of time and effort.

In general, the entire process of stacking, storing, loading, and unloading panels often results in safety hazards and either wasted time or damaged panels.

There’s a better way. Here’s how storage stillages can save you time, money, and prevent injuries.

What is a stillage?

A stillage is a special metal rack that allows for easy stacking and transportation of temporary fence panels. It eliminates all of the issues with moving and storing loose fence panels.

Stillages have a strong base and vertical bars along the perimeter to keep stacked panels from moving or sliding. 

Once the panels have been stacked on the stillage, the stillage can be easily moved using a forklift.

See what one looks like here.

The benefits of stillages

Save time

Whether you were moving panels by hand or with a forklift before, stillages will save you time and hassle.

Moving loose panels with a forklift often still requires manual intervention to untangle panels that have become stuck together and to stack them in such a way that the forklift can more them.

Fencing panels stored in stillages, on the other hand, are ready to be loaded for transportation. There is no need to count out individual panels for loading or untangle them from the storage heap. Additionally, being stored in standardized units allows for quick and easy inventory checks.

Save money

Moving loose temporary fence panels with a forklift results in damaged panels that you have to repair and replace. The forks can puncture panels and bend frames, creating jagged edges and irregular shapes that don’t just weaken the panels but make them less attractive and harder to stack in the future.

Prevent injury

Proper temporary fence safety and fence storage is crucial to preventing injuries.

Having stillages stored and ready to be loaded is not just quicker but also safer for both workers and the panels. Pulling apart panels stored in the traditional way is a leading cause of preventable injuries such as strains and cuts. 

Additionally, fencing panels that get tangled are far more likely to be damaged during this process. Damaged panels are another potential cause of injury.

ZNDUS stillages

We understand that transporting temporary fence panels presents the highest risk of damage and designed storage stillages to solve these issues. That’s why we pioneered the temporary fence storage stillage.

Our stillages completely eliminate the hazards and hassle with moving and storing temporary fence panels. 

Our standard stillages each fit 35 fence panels. They feature removable bars for easy loading and unloading and can be stacked on top of each other to maximize storage efficiency.

They also just look good. Learn more about how our stillages can help your business here 


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