The injuries that are caused by temporary fencing are significant in the United States. We recently had research conducted over a three year span (2016, 2017, & 2018) to provide further insight on the impact of fence injuries and the results are staggering. Rental companies need to take into consideration the safety value of the products they offer to prevent these injuries for both their employees and customers.

ZNDUS is a global temporary fence manufacturer that has been leading our industry in safety innovation for years. We understand the significance of fence injuries, which is why our products are strategically designed to help prevent them. Learn more about how our products provide a safer alternative for rental companies here.

Temporary fence injuries statisitcs

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Temporary Fence Injuries: Injury Type

Temporary fence injuries can occur for a variety of different reasons. Many may think serious injuries are not as common, but the recent research we conducted provided that almost half of the injuries are sprains, strains and tears where only 4% were bruises. This means doctors’ visits and medical bills for the injured parties involved are more common than not. This presents long-term lifestyle changes for these victims including time out of work and potential legal actions to reclaim their medical expenses.

Rental companies can set themselves apart by offering a more stable and climb-proof product that can reduce injury impacts for their customers.

Temporary fence injuries stat

Temporary Fence Injuries: Body Type

Temporary fence injuries can impact any part of the body. The most common area being the ankle at 35% and hands after with 17%. Out of the number of cases reported, the highest percentage of injuries impact the daily life of these individuals.

Ankle injuries likely due to tripping and falling over temporary fence panels. Having a better stabilization system and reducing tripping hazards can change this statistic in the future. ZNDUS has innovated products to prevent this, which you can find here.

Temporary Fence Injuries by Type

Temporary Fence Injuries: Time Out of Work

Temporary fence accidents that lead to serious injuries now are liable for time out of work. If individuals sprain their ankle, brake their hand, or tear a ligament in their leg this can lead to significant time out of work.

The research conducted showed that 45% percent, almost half of the temporary fence injury cases, left a person out of work for 31+ days. A month or even several months out of work then presents financial challenges to the injured and that is where legal matters start presenting themselves against rental companies, rental company customers, and even temporary fence suppliers.

Rental companies that offer a safer fence alternative reduce their liability and potential injury cases with their customers. Also, when presented to potential clients, can lead to clients trusting their product over others in the market.

Time out of work due to temporary fence injuries

ZNDUS Solutions for Reducing Injuries

ZNDUS is continuously providing innovative temporary fence products that help reduce injuries and potential injuries. To do this we frequently have research companies provide this type of research to determine what we can be doing to provide better solutions for our customers and the general public.

Learn about our different product innovations here and how they improve safety issues common temporary fence panels provide.