Our Safety-first mentality has helped our manufacturing process flow increase steadily, as we have produced and sold over 110,400 Panels in the last 3 months. With our safety record continuing to grow with over six hundred days without incident, we continue to foster a safety-first mindset in every aspect of our operations.

ZND East achieved back-to-back weekly production records on the machines exceeding 1800 panels and mesh per day on two shifts. We actively look forward to growing these figures to serve as a benchmark in the Global fencing industry here in the US! We are in the process of growing our team with additional maintenance and production team members to support the launch of our new Tube Stand Machine at the end of May as well as the launch of our third shift operation.

Recognizing that these achievements could not be meet without our production team we recently celebrated these achievements with a barbeque dinner. This also gave us an opportunity to support a local school of one of our employees who was having a fund raiser through purchasing our meal with them.

The West crushed the Million Dollar mark for the first time in April finishing $1.5M for the month. They are trending for a great finish in May as well. Panel production was at a record high for the facility, producing 15,957 panels. This past Friday May 6th, the west broke a new SEC record for panels produced at 456 in an 8-hour shift with no overtime. Previously the East held the record at 425 panels. In addition, they are sending six operators to the East to train for 8 weeks on the automated production line in anticipation of the arrival of the new AWL and NS240 this summer.