At ZNDUS, our mission is to provide smarter, safer, stronger temporary fence and pedestrian barricade products to rental companies around the world. Continuous innovation and product advancements provide us the opportunity to better service our customers. See how our products can greatly benefit your business below.

Better Quality Product

ZNDUS is rare in the fact that we only manufacture temporary fence, pedestrian barricades and associated products. This means our entire focus is on temporary fence innovation and nothing else.

Current manufacturing in the United States is completed manually which is time-consuming and provides the opportunity for numerous errors in the production process. Our process is fully automated which includes an automated quality control process to ensure each unit is identical and meets the highest quality of standards before going to our customers. This also includes our SmartWeld technology which avoids the extra welding that is included by hand with other manufacturers. It is the toughest and most durable fence panel system to date.

Solve Common Fence Issues

There are many issues temporary fence products provide to both rental companies and their customers. We make it our priority to take these issues as opportunities and find solutions to prevent them. Here are some common issues and our solutions.

Approximately 95% of panels in the US today are constructed with chain-link. Unfortunately, chain-link panels come with many disadvantages including the edges sticking together when the product is loaded or unloaded. Our welded wire mesh solves this issue of panels sticking together by welding to the frame at every point which means no more sticking together.

Using the common sandbag for stabilization oftentimes leads into ruptured bags that have to be replaced. Our fence panel bases are designed to use a standard cinder block as the weight to provide a long-term effective solution to sandbags. Learn more here.

When transporting and storing fence panels, rental companies face the issue of having to manually stack the panels which are time-consuming and oftentimes entail the need for a forklift which leads to damaging the products. We have designed a storage stillage that allows for a clean, organized, and safe storage/transport solution.

Rental company benefits from ZNDUS

Fewer Internal Costs

Common temporary fence panels are damaged easily, requiring rental companies to replace panels every couple of years. Our panels are proven to be stronger and more effective for a long-term product that avoids damage to reduce the amount of product reordering which lowers internal product costs.

Also, when rental companies order their temporary fence panels, it is their obligation to print and attach their custom signage. To avoid this added cost and extra time, we have an automated signage system that creates your custom signage and places on the fencing so it is 100% ready when your products are delivered to you.

Better Customer Experience

Our products are proven to last longer which means they prevent wear and tear providing a better-looking fencing product for customers. This is especially important for events and outdoor festivals where the appeal of the fences are an important factor for the customer.

The combination of reduced injuries (below), stronger fence panels, and a more sturdy stabilization will reduce the number of issues your customers face which means a better experience for them. This will result in maintaining and retaining customers as well as word of mouth referrals.

Reduced Injuries

Temporary fencing and barricade products are associated with injuries, these injuries can be from malfunctioned panels that stick both employees and pedestrians, climbing injuries and stabilization injuries.

We have designed a unique anti-climb product line as an option for each of our fence products which reduces the aperture which results in safer job sites, and the reduced climbing ability for the general public. To learn more about our anti-climb panels click here.

Stabilization of temporary fencing is crucial to preventing injuries. With improper stabilization, fences can fall with pressure, during weather events, and if the stabilizing system shifts. Sandbags are the typical stabilization product for temporary fencing which means they can rupture as well as move easily by pedestrians. Our panels come equipped with a cinder block base that prevents easy movement and does not rupture as well as other sandbag alternatives.

The measures we constantly take to provide a better temporary fence and barricade product are to benefit rental companies and their customers. As we expand into the United States, take a look at our products here or contact us and we will be happy to pre-order your products.