As we expand to the United States, we had to determine whether we would manufacture our products in the US or rely on our UK partners to manufacture and ship. Many of the temporary fence suppliers in the US outsource overseas but is that best practice these products? The answer is no.

Manufacturing temporary fence and pedestrian barricade products in the US present many benefits for rental companies compared to outside our borders. These are the three main factors that determined our decision to have a full manufacturing facility built here.

ZNDUS Temporary Fence Facility

Reduce Delivery Time

One of the greatest benefits of manufacturing temporary fence panels in the US is the reduced delivery time for rental companies. After ordering, the products are already here or will be custom made here without the overseas delivery time included.

There are many factors that go into overseas delivery time, which include widespread transportation routes, environmental impacts, and shipment scheduling holdups. Without these factors to consider before even getting to the United States, we are able to provide products weeks faster than our competition.

Cost Savings

When having to deliver temporary fence products from other countries, the cost of the product is naturally higher for rental companies. The higher costs accommodate for the added shipping and delivery charges that the suppliers are facing to get these products from outside the US.

When manufacturing here, the overseas shipping costs are not associated and in turn, reduce the prices for rental companies. This especially applies to expedited shipping needs and rush orders.

Prevents Shipping Damage

Shipping damage significantly increases when there are longer distances associated. Oftentimes, there are multiple forms of transportation for one single shipment when coming to the US including truck, trains and cargo ships.

Reducing the amount of travel impact and distance traveled prevents shipping damage when delivering products to our customers across the United States.

Our new manufacturing facility in Statesville, North Carolina is on the final stages which means we will be able to start manufacturing products in the coming months. Stay tuned for our expansion progress and updates on our social media channels.