Sanitation companies provide a critical service for outdoor needs including construction sites and numerous types of events. Bathroom rentals are needed throughout the year and are a highly-demanded product for many industries. 

But, most of these customers also need other rental products including temporary fences and pedestrian barriers. 

As a sanitation company, you’re currently providing clients with a specific product they need oftentimes multiple times a year. Why not provide them with another product they will need in addition to sanitation rentals?

Here are five benefits of sanitation companies offering temporary fence rentals.

1. Customers using other rental companies for temporary fence products

Temporary fences are an important part of safety at many outdoor sites and events. They help with intruders, crowd control, prevent unauthorized entry, keep queues organized, and keep attendees out of areas they aren’t supposed to access.

Here are some examples of groups that need to rent both bathrooms and temporary fencing:

  • Sports organizations
  • Festival and concert promoters
  • Schools and universities
  • Event companies
  • Large outdoor weddings
  • Construction companies
  • Government facilities 

Your customers have to rent temporary fences from other rental companies. Why not give them the option to rent from you? 

2. Revenue opportunity with temporary fence rentals

At the end of the day, when any business decides to expand their product or service offerings it is in turn to have an additional revenue generator for their company. When a company takes on a new service, there is a risk associated but the need outweighs the risk in this situation. 

With most product line expansions, there’s a much higher level of uncertainty involved. Quality, design, production, marketing, and branding are all things you have to take into consideration. Here, you’re merely putting your name on temporary fences and renting them to the same people who contract you for your sanitation services. 

3. It will give you a competitive edge

As a sanitation company, beginning to offer temporary fences will give you a competitive edge in several beneficial ways. 

The first is by offering your customers convenience. When you’re putting on an outdoor wedding, organizing a sports event, or planning a concert, the amount of vendors you’re dealing with can turn into a logistical headache. Or, as a construction company having to deal with multiple rental companies can be a process in itself at the beginning of each project. Being able to take care of both bathrooms and temporary fencing together will mean one less hassle for your customers, and they will appreciate it. 

The second way you’ll be able to get a competitive edge is with pricing. If you’re providing a client with both sanitation services and temporary fence rentals, you’ll have the option to give them package deals and pricing that makes it more attractive financially to rent from you than from two separate vendors. 

4. You’ll retain more customers

Happy, repeat customers are the backbone of any business, and you retain customers by consistently offering them better value than your competition. Offering temporary fence rentals as a sanitation company is a significant value-add that will make your customers depend on you more than they already do, and that means it will be a lot harder for them to leave.

About ZNDUS temporary fence products

ZNDUS is a global manufacturer of barrier systems that supply rental companies with state-of-the-art temporary fence products and is currently expanding into the US. Our products are specifically engineered to address many of the issues with most current temporary fence products, especially for construction sites. 

Most manufacturing for temporary fence panels is completed manually—tubes are cut and welded and chain-link is attached to the frame of the panel all by hand. At ZNDUS, we build our panels on a fully-automated manufacturing line. Our welded wire mesh is attached to the frame at every point instead of just at certain points. 

This unique process ensures several key features that make our fences ideal for use at outdoor events and construction sites:

1. They have unparalleled strength and stability

The fact that the wire mesh is attached to the frame everywhere increases the strength and support of the overall panel. Additionally, our SmartWeld process uses electricity to melt steel together, resulting in joints that are 70% stronger than a typical MIG weld. 

Finally, our panels are designed to be stabilized using cinder blocks instead of sandbags—which last much longer and result in a stronger fence.

2. They’re anti-climb

No fence is climb-proof, but our panels have an aperture of 1.2 inches compared to double that for chain-link panels, making them much harder to climb. This provides additional security for the temporary fencing at events and job sites. 

3. They’re aesthetically pleasing

In addition to making our fences stronger and more stable, our unique construction process means our fences have a clean, pleasing look. There are no jagged edges, twisted wires, or sharp corners. Every fence panel has a symmetrical and well-engineered feel. 

This is especially important for recreational events like weddings, concerts, and sports where organizers will want the safety that fences provide without compromising the look or feel of the event.

4. They are easy to transport and store

ZNDUS provides specially-designed storage stillages that solve the issues typically associated with stacking and moving fence panels. The stillages can be forklifted directly onto a delivery truck, completely removing the risk of injury by manual stacking and eliminating the risk of damaging the panels. This makes moving the fence panels easy and hassle-free.

Purchasing temporary fences from ZNDUS 

If you are looking for high-quality, state-of-the-art temporary fence rentals for your sanitation company, we’d love to talk. Give us a call at 704.981.8660 or send us an email for more information.