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Crowd Control for Events

Long Trusted at Major Events

High quality, safe, secure, and with a professional appearance, ZND products have been employed to provide crowd control and demarcation solutions at some of the world’s largest and most high profile events.

Below is a small selection of the most prominent events that ZND products have played a role in over the years.

1,632 barriers were supplied to provide demarcation for the 2021 Presidential Inauguration. Though not large in terms of attendees, there were heightened concerns over security at the event.

Number of Barriers 1,632

2019’s World Youth Day in Panama was attended by over 700,000 people, including Pope Francis. Over 65km of ZND barriers were supplied to provide crowd control.


Number of Barriers: 27,000

ZND products have been supplied to Glastonbury Music Festival for many years. Approximately 200,000 people attended Glastonbury in 2019, and we look forward to seeing these days again soon.


Fencing Panels: 20,000

Fixed Leg Barriers: 5,000

5,000 barriers were supplied to provide crowd control along sections of the Tour de France route.


Fixed Leg Barriers: 5,000

The 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games was the largest sporting and cultural even in Scottish history, with approximately 1.2 million tickets sold and 690,000 people attending the events.


Fixed Leg Barriers: 15,000

Fence Panels: 15,000

The Olympic Games is one of the most important and demanding events in the world, and London 2012 was record breaking. 8.8 million tickets were sold, with the total daily capacity of all venues being 700,000. An estimated 2 million people entered the Olympic Park over the summer, making it the largest event in London’s history.


2.3 Fixed Leg Barriers: 55,000

Police Barriers: 15,000

Gleneagles was the 31st G8 summit. The leaders and representatives of the world’s eight most powerful nations gathered at the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland. Security around this event was understandably high, and thousands of ZND products were used to provide demarcation for the grounds of the hotel.


Fencing Panels: 15,000

Fixed Leg Barriers: 2,000

What Makes ZND Products Stand Out?

Better design, better material, and cutting-edge production means that ZND products are all manufactured to the highest possible standard. Our SmartWeld technology is a point of company pride, custom developed to provide stronger welds, and therefore far more robust products that both last longer and are safer as a result.

Stronger products, welded wire mesh, and specialist stabilizers all work together to make ZND products the safest solution.

We don’t stop at better panels and barriers, we have also developed a range of accessories designed to help improve the operations of rental companies and better meet the needs of end-users.

Stillage storage protects inventory while maximizing storage space, the carry handle protects workers and helps reduce fatigue, while accessories such as the barbed wire extension and gates help improve site security for customers.


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